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Dana Billings is an American sound engineer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer committed to elevating every project he works on. He can creatively realize the visions of his clients thanks to his patience, warmth, and deeply collaborative nature.Growing up in Ithaca NY, Dana began his musical journey as a founding member of the rock band IY. He discovered his passion for art creation through co-producing, recording, and mixing IY’s first full length album “The Things That Tie Them Down”, self-released at age 15. This started a never-ending love affair with sound production, that led to his work on hundreds of albums, films, and musical productions.Dana attended Ithaca College’s School of Music for Sound Recording Technology, while simultaneously interning and working at Electric Wilburland Studios. Dana has engineered recording sessions for Grammy award-winning engineer Will Russell, and Grammy-award winning producer Craig Street, among others. He has worked as a session musician for artists including Joe Crookston, and Eric Harvey (Spoon).As an accomplished mixing engineer, Dana has worked on music spanning multiple genres for a variety of artists, including Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors), and Brittany Campbell (award winning musician and actress). Dana is particularly proud of his production work for Andrew VanNorstrand’s solo album, “That We Could Find A Way To Be,” and his recording and mixing work on the album “This Hopeful,” by acclaimed Brooklyn-based indie band, Zula.Dana composes music for film, multi-media, and television. He notably worked with google to coproduce music for their GoogleNest social media campaign. He also writes music for radio spots, podcasts, and indie films including the documentary “The Hemlock Woolly Edelgid: A Film About the Loss of an Ecosystem” (Boone Festival Winner 2016, New York State International Film Festival Official Selection 2016).Dana possesses an extraordinary musical intuition developed over many years through countless performances. He has toured extensively across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, playing drums and keyboards for musical acts that include IY, Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand, Big Mean Sound Machine, Uniit Carruyo, Jsan and the Analog Sons, and Bronwen Exter.Outside of music, Dana enjoys cooking, adventuring with his lovely wife, and playing Magic the Gathering.



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Previous Work:


2023Julie VallimontHeliotropeEngineering, Mixing, Drums, Bass, Keys, Vocals
2023Shrouded Prey"Unavailable" SingleEngineering, Mixing, Mastering
2023Papa MuseNOISE! EPMastering
2022Marc LucasInto the Wonder HouseMastering
2022FreightHard WorkerMastering
2022Living MythsLiving Myths EPMastering
2022FISH"Stuck Inside a Video Game" SingleMastering
2022YetsuForever EndeavorMastering
2022Shrouded Prey"Run (Until I Drop)" SingleEngineering, Mixing, Mastering
2022Jason PaytonFull Length AlbumMastering
2022Dan ForsythFriday Night NowhereMastering
2022Mitch GoldwaterThe MechanismMastering
2022Josh Hatcher"This Year (A Eulogy)" SingleMixing, Mastering
2022Juge Greenspun"Bad Dreams" SingleMixing, Mastering
2022Buddy SystemLive Album!Mastering
2022Sarah Neagoy"Surrender" SingleAdditional Production
2022Paul ReidyTalk to the WindDrums
2021George MannA World Like ThisMastering
2021Peggy BeckThe Wild PathMixing, Mastering
2021Faux PawsFaux PawsRecording, Mixing, Drums, Organ
2021Aaron MarcusGarden DreamEngineering, Mixing, Mastering, Co-Production
2021Andy G. FaganLove’s The Only ThingMastering
2021Brett LinehanThis Is the StartMastering
2021Great BearGREAT BEAR virtual reunion! VideoMixing, Drums, Bass
2021Henry Grant“Happy Valley”Drums, Additional Production
2021Strange StandardHoney PotEngineering, Mixing, Mastering
2021Julie VallimontStars in the Rafters PodcastMixing, Mastering
2021Josh Hatcher"Hula Hoops" SingleMixing, Mastering
2021Lake EffectFull Length AlbumMixing, Mastering
2021Sam Schmidt & Cap CookeThe Sunwood SessionsMastering
2021Josh Hatcher"Young Man"Mixing, Mastering, Drums
2021Off The RailsFull Length AlbumMastering
2020Dave DaviesDark WaterMastering
2020Hapless Heroes PodcastSeason 2 Opening ThemeOrchestration, Production, Mixing, Mastering
2020Max Childs"I’m In Love With You" SingleMastering
2020Life Church BuffaloChristmas Live BroadcastMixing, Mastering
2020Maria Gillard TrioAlways LoveMastering
2020Zach ChappleCamerapersonMastering
2020Joe CrookstonCobble & Break (I Need a Little Time)Mastering
2020Grey GaryGregariousRecording, Mixing, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass
2020Piano With NateEcho City Music Lab Video BumperMixing/Mastering
2020Josh HatcherDedicate YourselfMixing, Mastering
2020Piano With Nate"Echo City: Together in A Minor" VideoMixing/Mastering
2020Joe Crookston“The Olive Tree” SingleMastering
2020AlchemyFull length AlbumMastering
2020Mermaid“Dreamer” SingleMixing/Mastering, Co-Production, Keyboards
2020Kevin Kinsella“Summer Love” singleMastering
2020Double TigerThe JourneyMastering, Vocal Editing
2020Erin & The Backwoods Blues ProjectShake a Little SugarMastering
2020Joshua Hatcher“Louise” SingleMixing, Mastering
2020Joshua Hatcher"Afternoon" SingleMixing, Mastering
2020Juge GreenspunFaces In The CarpetMastering
2020Brittany Campbell“Love Me Back” SingleMixing, Mastering
2019Lil Anne and Hot CayenneLive CDMastering
2019Andrew VanNorstrandThat We Could Find A Way To BeCo Production, Recording, Mixing, Keys, Bass, Drums, Percussion
2019Jaclyn MarieGestationMastering
2019Melissa WrolstadRiseMastering, Drums, Percussion
2019Max Childs“Last Summer” SingleMastering
2019The ResiztersUpload DemocracyMastering
2019Drew Kiddoo and The BlackoutsCome On InMastering
2019Laila BelleAll These ThingsRecording, Mixing, Co-Production, Tambourine
2019The Cool Club & the Lipker SistersThe Cool Club & the Lipker SistersMastering
2019Mark BickfordFull LengthMastering
2019Lora PendeltonWaiting For LightMastering
2019Colleen Kattau and DOS XXFull LengthMastering
2019Drank The GoldSipped The SilverMastering
2019Rose and the Bros“Save Me A Waltz" "Happy One Step" "Don’t Listen To The Wind” SinglesMastering
2019Josh OxfordOxifiedMastering
2019Brothers BlueRiver Rollin'Mastering
2019Kevin Kinsella“Among Them (gorilla dub)” SingleMastering
2019Max Childs"Last Summer" SingleMastering
2019Sandbox BandPlay NiceMastering
2019SwampkidsLive Videos “We Share As One” and “On Your Way”Mastering
2019Prussia“Hello” SingleMastering
2019Joe Etzine“Old Eyes” SingleMixing, Mastering
2018Megan Hattie StahlDocumentary “Laura In Search Of Teeth”Sound Mixing
2018HollingsNecromancingProduction, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Drums, Synth
2018Julie VallimontDark Sky, Bright StarsRecording, Mixing
2018Aaron MarcusMen Don’t CryRecording, Mixing, Mastering
2018Nate TerepkaSongs “Tempelhof” and “Sunlight Farms”Mixing
2018Grey GaryMountain Sessions (Live)Mastering
2018Strange Standard"Fever Dream" SingleRecording, Mixing, Mastering
2018Eileen Nicholson KalfassCrossing BridgesMastering
2018Wake Up RobinWake Up RobinRecording, Mixing, Mastering, Drums, Percussion, Organ
2018Brittany CampbellStay GoldMixing
2017HollingsEther SingleRecording, Co Production, Mixing, Mastering
2017Big Mean Sound MachineRunnin’ From The GhostKeyboards, Mastering
2017Buddy SystemEP: Newfangled Technological Contradance Novelty RevueCo Production, Mixing, Mastering
2017Buddy SystemRide the WheelRecording
2017Brittany Campbell"Worst Enemy" SingleMixing
2017J.etzine"Hell of a Drug" SingleMixing
2017Nick Bonner"Mission Control" SingleMixing
2017Double TigerSharp and ReadyMastering
2017Joshua HatcherSweaty PoetryCo Production, Mixing
2017Eric Harvey"When I Burn" SingleDrums
2017TelempathyTemple of MusicDrums
2017Chris FoitoCinemapolis Testimonial ShortsSound Mixing
2017Jamie Yaman“Pain” VideoRecording, Sound Mixing
2017Chris Foito“2, 4, 10” FilmSound Mixing
2017Strange StandardTinkerersRecording, Piano
2016SteamboatsChosen PeaceRecording, Mixing
2016FieldingsFruit EPMixing, Additional Recording, Drums
2016The Newman BrothersCheck InAdditional Engineering, Tambourine
2016Rachel BellTone ChamberMastering
2016AnthropologistRorschach Test #7 - Sweet Like BaconMastering
2016AnthropologistRorschach Test #4 - Crop CirclesMastering
2016Big Mean Sound MachineMeet Big Mean FeaturettesProduction, Video Editing, Sound Mixing
2016ZulaGrasshopperAdditional Production
2016Great BearMagic Fantasy Dream DanceRecording, Production, Mixing, Drums, Synth
2015Jenny StockdaleFingers CrossedPercussion, Piano
2015Chris FoitoThe Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: A Film About the Loss of an EcosystemOriginal Composition, Sound Mixing
2015Sue Perlgut & Nils HooverConnie Cook: A DocumentarySound Mixing
2015Little Bruce JuniorNothing Ever HappensMastering
2015GemmaAs EverMixing
2015CreaturesLoose CannonMixing
2015Anna Coogan"Silver Claw" Music VideoProducer
2015Andrew and Noah VanNorstrandThe Waltz AlbumDrums, Additional Engineering
2015The Nepotist“100 Asses” SingleMastering, Drums
2015Jen Cork and the Good HopeForever to FallDrums
2015Laila BelleLaila BelleDrums, Additional Engineering
2015Bobby Spellman and the Underground Society BandCryptozoologyMixing and Mastering
2014Bobby SpellmanA Pickle For the Knowing OnesMastering
2014DreamtBig Mean SessionsMastering
2014The NepotistLive at Gallery Recording Studio Video SessionsMastering
2014Smokes“Body Heat” SingleMastering
2014Little Bruce JuniorIt’s A Bummer BabyMastering
2014Joshua HatcherAnother ThingRecording, Additional Production, Drums, Percussion
2014The Nepotist"Strange Birds" VideoProducer
2014Joe CrookstonGeorgia I’m HerePercussion
2014Grey GaryQuite ContraryMastering
2014Kites In SpaceBears Carry Us AwayMastering
2014Nate n KateHere You AreMastering, Drums,
2014Jordan SandCascadilla CreekCo Production, Recording, Mixing
2014Big Mean Sound MachineContrabandKeyboards, Percussion, Mastering
2013GrayakMade of LightMastering, Drums, Percussion, Organ, Piano
2013LOFTSSuicide EPMastering
2013Electric WilburlandWilburland Vignette VideosSound Mixing
2013The Nepotist“Weekend Clothes” SingleRhodes, Organ
2013Regina ZarembaEclipse EPProduction, Recording, Mixing, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion
2013Rachel FerroTell Me the Day Backwards DocumentarySound Mixing
2013Cha Cha and the Ndor BandFood for ThoughtMastering, Minimoog Model D, Aceto Modular
2013Beat the GridBeat the GridMixing, Mastering
2013ZulaThis HopefulRecording, Mixing
2012Eric HarveyLake DisappointmentDrums
2012Big Mean Sound MachineDr. Iguana Feature FilmDirector, Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Minimoog, Organ
2012The Nepotist“Kids” SingleMastering, Drums, Piano
2012Beats of No NatureEPMastering, Synths
2012Big Mean Sound MachineMaraudersAdditional Engineering, Mastering, Keyboards, Percussion
2012J-San and Big Mean Sound MachineWarriorMastering, Minimoog, Moog Rogue, Hammond, Farfisa, Vox Organs
2012Andrew and Noah BandAndrew and Noah BandProducer, Drums, Keyboards
2012Mary Lorson / The SoubrettesBurn Baby BurnTambourine, Mastering
2012Bronwen ExterJunkyardDrums
2012The Nepotist"Kids" SingleDrums, Piano, Mastering
2011John MartoriaVito Bonafacci Feature FilmAdditional Sound Editing and Mixing
2011ZulaCrescent Intake Sessions EPMixing, Mastering
2011The NepotistThe NepotistDrums
2011Joshua HatcherNeurosesEngineering, Mixing, Mastering, Drums
2011Mosaic FoundationMosaic FoundationMastering
2011Judy Hyman“The War Of 1812” PBS DocumentaryScoring Assistant
2011Big Mean Sound MachineOuroborosAdditional Drum Recording, Mastering, Organ
2011Joe CrookstonDarkling & the BlueBird JubileePercussion
2010Nate TerepkaSunriser EPDrums, Mixing, Mastering
2010Dirty Money MusicNew Dirty EPMixing, Mastering, Drums, Percussion
2010Big Mean Sound MachineBig Mean EPMastering
2010IYBookfightCo Produced, Additional Recording, Drums
2010Andrew and Noah VanNorstrandAll the Good SummersDrums, Mastering
2010The BuddhiVacancyAdditional Recording
2010VerbsIt’s Called Sugar And You Love ItMixing, Mastering
2010Flora & FaunaRivals EPMastering
2010The Pearly SnapsThe Pearly SnapsRecording
2010Dirty Money MusicNew DirtyDrums, Percussion, Mastering
2009The Nepotist“One by One” SingleProduction, Performance
2009VerbsLiving RoomMixing, Mastering
2008The UnderstudyWhat Not To Think While In LoveEngineering, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Programming, Banjo
2008IYFor FireCo Produced, Additional Recording, Drums
2006IYTwo LettersCo Produced, Additional Recording, Drums
2004IYFurther GoneCo Produced and Recorded, Drums
2002Immature YouthThe Things That Tie Them DownCo Produced, Recorded and Mixed, Drums



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"Dana provided the knowledge to realize my ideas in the recorded format, and the patience to make sure I came out with exactly what I was envisioning. In the process, he taught me sonic skills that ultimately made me a better producer and musician."

– Joshua Hatcher

“Dana Billings is a genius. For real. He is honestly one of the most intuitive and talented musicians and engineers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

– Will Russell
Grammy award winning engineer at Electric Wilburland Studio

"Dana is a talented musician and wonderful person who elevates every project he works on. His passion for music and his seriousness about quality sound is only matched by his warmth and good humor. He possesses attention to detail and patience as an engineer, mixer, and producer that gives artists the space and confidence to focus on their ideas. In short, Dana has the skills to bring musical ideas to beautiful fruition.”

– Henry Terepka

“Dana is a brilliant musician, producer and engineer. Calm and steady when you need to stay on task, creative and engaging when you need to think outside the box, patient and attentive when you need to get it right. He's got incredible ears and great instincts for giving a song exactly what it needs.”

– Andrew VanNorstrand
Great Bear Trio, Andrew and Noah Band, Wake Up Robin